Topographic survey works at Lubilia SHPP Power house

Project: Flood Level Analysis of Lubilia River Small Hydro Power Plant

R&K ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD was subcontracted to carry out field survey data for Flood Level Analysis of River Lubilia after the extreme river flood of May 2020, and as a result, the following scope of work was carried out i.e.

➢ Collecting of field survey data by using a Total station (Topographic Data).
➢ Compilling a CSV File by using Topcon Link.
➢ Developing a Topographic map and cross sections so as to aid in Flood level analysis by the Designers.

Unveiling the Secrets of a River Lubilia

Lubilia with it's meandering currents, has hindered construction for centuries. But beneath it's serene beauty lies a complex network of geological features and hydrological patterns. Understanding a river's topography is essential for successful engineering projects and environmental conservation efforts.

A topographic survey is an invaluable tool for construction companies aiming to develop projects near rivers, as it provides detailed insights into the river's physical characteristics.


Understanding the river's topography improved water resource management, flood control, and Power House design. These insights helped engineers determine the river's capacity to carry water, predict flood patterns, and design hydraulic structures like bridges, culverts, and dams. By aligning the projects with the river's hydrological behavior,The Client could ensure long-term functionality and resilience.

By embracing advanced surveying techniques and collaborating with environmental experts,R&K was able to pave the way for the Hydro power plant, where the marvels of engineering coexist harmoniously with the natural wonders of our rivers.