Construction of client Residential building in Entebbe

A client contracted us to build a residential House in the area of Entebbe. Since the client already had a design and architectural drawing, we confirmed the designs, carried out the neccessary surveys, procured the construction materials and commenced the project

Innovative Solutions

Clients always tend to make changes in their initial designs, therefore, its always upon our experienced teams to create workable solutions to these changes while ensuring that the design remains safe and valid for generations.

Due the great quality of the work we delivered during the course of this project, the client later on increased the scope of the work. This included the construction of septic tank, plumbing works, and electrical wiring.

Overcoming challenges

No construction project is without hurdles, and this residential house was no exception. The Company encountered various challenges, ranging from intricate design flaws to material sourcing and adhering to strict timelines

However, their adaptive team of professionals rose to the occasion, employing their problem-solving skills and industry knowledge to overcome these obstacles.


R&K's successful completion of this remarkable residential house project exemplifies their expertise, innovation, and dedication to exceeding expectations.

By working together, using creative ideas, and paying close attention to every little thing, they have created a home that perfectly represents what the client wanted and beyond all expectations. This project stands as a testament to our ability, leaving an unremovable mark on the construction industry and igniting the dreams of future homeowners..