Enhancing Power Infrastructure: Civil Works for Agago 132/33kV Substation

Project: Civil Works for Agago 132/33kV Substation

In a significant stride towards strengthening power infrastructure, Larsen & Toubro Limited, in collaboration with esteemed subcontractor R&K Engineering Services Limited, is embarking on a crucial project - the construction of the Agago 132/33kV Substation. This transformative venture involves a series of intricate civil works that lay the foundation for a robust and efficient power station. The joint effort of these industry leaders aims to ensure the seamless delivery of this essential facility to support the region's growing energy needs.

The Scope of Work

1. Excavation and Dewatering: The construction begins with meticulous excavation for the foundation, catering to all types of soil conditions. The expertise of the team allows them to navigate varying terrains while adhering to strict safety protocols. The management of dewatering requirements plays a crucial role in ensuring a stable foundation, particularly in areas with high water tables.

2. Concrete Work: Laying plain cement concrete and reinforced structural concrete is a vital aspect of this project. The teams meticulously follow approved drawings and adhere to client specifications to achieve a strong and durable structure. The high-grade concrete is meticulously poured and cured, ensuring the substation's longevity and resilience.

3. RCC - Precast Concrete Cover Slab: The installation of a 100mm thick RCC precast concrete cover slab, with a minimum cube strength of 20 N/mm2, further enhances the substation's structural integrity. This meticulous work adheres to approved drawings and engineering standards, reinforcing the commitment to delivering a world-class facility.

4. Shuttering Formwork and Steel Reinforcement Fixing: For the substation's foundation, plinth beam, and floor slab, smooth shuttering formwork is employed, ensuring precision and efficiency during concrete pouring. Additionally, steel reinforcement fixing is meticulously carried out below ground level, fortifying the structure to withstand diverse environmental conditions.

5. Bituminous Paint Application: The civil works extend to surface protection with the application of two coats of high-density bituminous paint. This protective measure safeguards the substation against corrosion, environmental factors, and enhances its visual appeal.

6. Subcontractor Site Set-up and Services: R&K Engineering Services Limited, as the subcontractor, plays a crucial role in the successful execution of the project. Their expertise encompasses a wide array of services, from setting up the site to efficiently managing their scope of work as per the division of responsibilities outlined in the project's scope matrix.


The collaboration between Larsen & Toubro Limited and R&K Engineering Services Limited represents a powerful partnership, united in their dedication to delivering excellence in civil works for the Agago 132/33kV Substation. As this transformative project unfolds, the collective efforts of these industry leaders are set to contribute significantly to the region's energy infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply for generations to come. The Agago Substation stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of both companies towards progress, innovation, and meeting the ever-evolving demands of modern power distribution.